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Comparing Optus and Telstra 4G speeds with the best caravan internet system at Sandy Cape, WA

Updated: Aug 30, 2022

The region of Sandy Cape is located in Jurien Bay, about 220km North of Perth.

When we first arrived at Sandy Cape we got the feeling that it was quite a busy camp ground. It's located in Jurien Bay, which is about 220km North of Perth, and there are a few scenic attractions that make it a popular place for tourists. We didn't let the busy vibe deter us, and it actually wasn't long before we found ourselves a great spot that backed onto the beach. It was tree lined enough that it gave us a nice and private home for a few days.

There was plenty of room for ourselves and our friends too which meant the kids could play safely around the campsites.

One of the big thrills at Sandy Cape are the massive dunes that have a reputation for bringing out the adrenaline junkie in a lot of people. Of course, we didn't shy away and the kids had a ball sliding down the dunes, straight into the beach below. Awesome fun!

One of the stops we made on our way to the campground was to The Pinnacles in Cervantes. If you haven't been before, it really is a must see place.

We felt like we were on the set of an alien movie, with these strange looking limestone formations seemingly growing out of the earth. Apparently scientists aren't sure how long ago these structures were formed, some say it could have been around 25,000 years ago but others say it could have been as long ago as 500,000 years.

Our daughter Holly always likes it when we visit the locations in Alison Lesters book 'Are We There Yet' and this is one of them.

The caravan internet here was terribly slow here without Out There Internet, but once we turned it on, it was great and we were spoilt for choice with both Optus and Telstra getting excellent speeds. It was really interesting to see the comparison, as most people we've met along the way are travelling with only a Telstra SIM yet in this area it was clearly better with Optus.

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