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Will 5G Ever Be Reliable in Remote Areas?

Updated: Aug 30, 2022

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The 5G rollout in Australia is an ongoing project – and has been for a while. Those living in the cities and more urban areas across the country are already enjoying the benefits this network offers, but those living in remote areas are understandably becoming increasingly impatient at being left behind.

At Out There Internet, we are exploring whether 5G will be reliable in remote locations in the future and the alternatives that you can try until then.

What is 5G?

First, let us clarify what 5G is. Considered a significant evolution in mobile network technology, 5G is the next step from the 4G network, focusing on mobile data. With the introduction of 5G, there are three main improvements that carriers have promised to pass on to their customers, including:

  • Faster network speeds

  • Lower latency times

  • More simultaneous connections

For devices connected to the 5G network, the ability to transfer information more quickly and connect to various networks and devices will provide many new opportunities, such as working collaboratively, file sharing and even developing Smart Cities.

The rollout intends for 5G to follow (not replace) the 4G network. By having the two exist simultaneously, individuals will have the opportunity to choose the plans they feel are the best for them. That said, even though it is deemed a viable network, 5G is not expected to replace the National Broadband wireless network anytime soon. Yes, the capacity of 5G is superior to the 4G network, but it is not yet in any state to compare with a fixed-line network such as the NBN.

5G in the Cities

It has been identified that the 5G rollout has been concentrated in densely populated city areas rather than rural areas. The emphasis on integrating 5G into cities across the country is partially driven by the desire to accelerate the way citizens can connect with government services and applications, such as paying bills, applying for licences, etc.

What Does This Mean for Remote Areas?

When extending the 5G rollout across Australia, specific challenges need to be overcome. The requirements and strategies related to expanding the 5G network will vary due to Australia's vast landscape and a population separated by large distances. For example, each incremental percentage of the people in remote areas requires proportionally more 5G sites to effectively cover the area. Given the sheer size and remote nature of certain towns and regions, this development may take longer than others.

Telstra, in particular, has let it be known that they are working to deploy innovative new technologies to help speed up the rollout of 5G in remote locations. To support this goal and influence the government policies and regulations about 5G, reports have been produced exploring the disparity between the establishment of 5G in cities and regions, highlighting the gaps and issues that need to be addressed to achieve equal access to 5G networks across Australia.

Alternatives to Try While Waiting for 5G in Regions

Unfortunately, easy access to 5G across the country is yet to become a reality. So, what can you do in the meantime?

Luckily, options are available to help you experience a solid connection to the internet when travelling in your caravan or other mobile homes, such as the premier Internet Caravan Kit from Out There Internet.

Investing in technologies with product features like long-range Wi-Fi, custom hardware, password protection, multi-carrier support, and more can help to guarantee stable connections and reliable access to the internet while travelling throughout regional Australia. With these technologies’ use of the 4G network, the absence of 5G in remote areas will not impact how you use and connect to the internet.

When you choose Out There Internet, you can enjoy a caravan Wi-Fi connection up to 50 metres from your caravan, giving you more confidence to travel and explore.

Boosting Your Connections in Remote Areas with Out There Internet

Learn more about the various options available to improve your internet connectivity with us at Out There Internet. We know what the Aussie traveller needs with multiple products and services that offer fast, reliable caravan internet and Wi-Fi.

Our sturdy designs and world-class performance guarantees that our customers can adventure across this country, experiencing new remote locations, all while staying connected to reliable 4G caravan internet.

To find out if our internet and Wi-Fi solutions are right for you, get in touch with our Out There Internet Team today and submit an online enquiry.

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