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Australia’s most powerful 4G caravan internet and Wi-Fi solution.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee. 2 Year Warranty.

The travellers troubles...

Carvanners and campers around Australia struggle to stay connected to the internet while on the road. They are barely able to work, homeschool or simply connect to the internet, due to weak 4G signals.

The current solutions of using their mobile hotspot, trying a wifi caravan router or even a mobile booster, is simply just not working


They are forced to go to overpopulated campgrounds with good signal and not go too remote. What happens is they end up missing the most beautiful places our country has to offer.


The solution for high-speed internet in your Caravan - has arrived.

The solution for big lappers, half lappers and weekenders wanting to work,

road school and play online - while having the journey of a lifetime – is finally here!


Get a fast, reliable and stable caravan internet connection on the Australian 4G network in hundreds of Australia's remote destinations unreachable with other 4G hardware, with the most powerful, best in class, high gain directional antenna system available.


Stay connected to your emails, video conferences, stock trades, websites and social media on the road – while exploring more of what you have been dreaming of – a big sky!

30-Day Money Back Guarantee. 2 Year Warranty.

Independently tested on a real-life big lap for over twelve months.

"... from the comfort of our camper."

While we were camped at the Gibb River Station I noticed everyone gathering in the communal areas to get any internet and phone reception but for us we could do what we needed to do online from the comfort of our camper. It's a much needed luxury that I had become accustomed  in our travels with Out There Internet on board.

Jill, 2021 big lapper & remote working professional

"...outdoes anything else I've used."

We've owned our Caravan for a few years and had several products before this and this outdoes anything I've used. I was able to work, the kids watched their shows and even all at the same time, while we were ages away from any town. I was really impressed with it. For the couple of minutes that it takes to set up, it's well worth it.

Peter, frequent caravanner, and small business owner. 

"...the luxury of being in more remote places for longer."

We heavily rely on the internet as that is where our main source of income is produced as we travel Australia full time! We can now enjoy the luxury of being in more remote places for longer as we can still get things done and also enjoy relaxing watching YouTube or Netflix at night! This product has changed the way we travel in so many ways!

Josh and Mikayla, full time caravanners, online  entrepreneurs & Youtuber’s

As Seen On...

Click on a pin to view the before and after speed test results.

Know what to expect before you get there, so you can plan ahead for that important zoom call.
Thanks to our tribe, we're adding more data every day.


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Traverse more of the country while on your journey, without being limited to cramped campsites, boring towns, and populated places – all while staying connected to reliable internet in as many places as possible.


Explore more of your campsite and have your own space while staying connected to the internet with password protected Wi-Fi, up to 50m away from your caravan.

Remote Camping

30-Day Money Back Guarantee. 2 Year Warranty.

We work with the best.

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High gain, industrial grade  antenna can receive 4G signal up to 35kms away from 4G towers.


Access lock

Safe and secure connection with password protected access.


Speed Maps

Know exactly where you can stay connected to plan your next pit stop.

Long range wireless

Best in class wireless technology for Wi-Fi access up to 50 and even 100m away from your Caravan.

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Designer Wi-Fi

Keep your cabin décor consistent with three different access point designs.

Multi carrier support

No need to limit yourself to one carrier because OTI supports all three.



Hardware custom designed and built for Australian conditions.


Power Eco Mode

Keep your power supply secure with low power consumption.

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Digital Sim Swap

Easily switch between carrier SIMS with just a few clicks.

The Results.

Sheringa Beach, SA

After Sheringa Beach.png
Before Sheringa Beach.png
Without the Kit
With The Kit

Mt Nameless, WA

Without The Kit
With The Kit
mt nameless.png

Coppins Gap, WA

Without the Kit
With the Kit
Before Coppins Gap.png
After Coppins Gap.png

Marble Bar, WA

Without The Kit
Before Marble Bar.png
With The Kit
After Marble Bar.png

Derby, WA

Without the Kit
Before Derby.png
With the Kit
After Derby.png

Pender Bay, WA

Without The Kit
With The Kit
Before Pender Bay.png
After Pender Bay.png




The App.

Forget having your sunset view of Sheringa Beach ruined by having to pack up and drive the nearly 7km into town to get closer to a 4G tower. Out There Internet's one-of-a-kind App gives you the confidence to stay off-grid, even for that next important zoom call.

And now you can pay it forward with our 'Share Your Speed Test' forum, you can give other Out There Internet users the heads up on what to expect when it comes to expected speeds at particular locations.

Also featuring One-Click Router Login for easy setup, plus load of ways to stay in contact with us, we've got you covered.

The Out There Internet App

You're never alone...

Our friendly support team is on standby, so you don’t have to worry about being left alone to fix possible issues.    


For the handy caravaner, Out There Internet has easy to follow DIY installation instructions with a step-by-step manual and videos.


Sure, we have detailed instructions on how to install everything, but If you are NOT a DIY person, you don’t have to waste time looking for a suitable installer, because we can connect you with an experienced installer in your area who can help you get online.

Friendly support team

Countrywide professional installers

Full online installation tutorials

30-Day Money Back Guarantee. 2 Year Warranty.

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Lightning Fast Internet
– Direct to your caravan.

Reliable caravan internet is finally here. Enjoy secure, high speed internet on the Australian 4G network – direct to your Caravan!


Durable, economical and secure, with multi carrier support means that you get Australia’s premium caravan internet solution.


Our friendly support team will ensure your installation, setup and maintenance never skips a beat - No worries!

30- Day money back guarantee. 2 Year Warranty.

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