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Fast, reliable caravan internet and wifi on the Australian 4G network (and loads of places off the network too).

The Out There Internet Caravan Kit features a state of the art high gain directional antenna designed for Caravans, Campers and travellers to get fast caravan internet while travelling around Australia.

The sturdy design, technical capabilities and world class performance means that travellers can now travel to many more remote locations, while staying connected to reliable 4G caravan internet.

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Our unique technology gives caravanners and campers around the country the ability to get caravan internet to their caravan using a high-gain directional antenna with an in-built 4G router that can receive 4G signals up to 35km away from a tower.

  • Industrial Grade High-Gain Directional Antenna

  • In-built industrial grade 4G router

  • Capable of receiving signals up to 35km away

Long range WiFi

 Campers can now stay connected to their caravan internet connection wirelessly and don’t have to be confined to the Caravan. The high performing Ubiquiti Wi-Fi allows users to stay connected to caravan wifi 50 and even up to 100m away if there is no interference, so users can enjoy browsing, streaming and video calling near waterholes, sandy beaches, and of course, around the campfire. 

  • Wi-Fi 50m and even 100m from your van

  • Multi user capability

  • Plug and play setup

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Made for Australian outdoor conditions, the custom designed hardware, ACMA approved industrial grade 4G router is housed in an IP67 rated weather proof enclosure which is waterproof, dust-proof and can withstand the harsh outdoors while you’re enjoying the great outdoors.

  • IP67 rated weatherproof housing

  • Long-term outdoor use

  • ACMA approved 4G router

Power Eco Mode

The unique design of Out There Internet ensures your power source is kept secure because of its ultra-low power consumption. With less than 1.8 amps per hour consumption, you can stay connected to high speed caravaninternet while conserving battery life.

  • <1.8 amps per hour

  • Conserve your battery life

  • 12v inverter and mains compatible


Access lock

With the highly secure password protection feature, you can keep your connection safe so that you can control who has access to your data.

  • Ultra secure connection

  • Password protected Wi-Fi

  • Keep your sensitive information safe

Designer Wi-Fi Access Point

We know how important your Caravan is to you. That’s why you can have your choice between three designer interior Wi-Fi access points. Access points are available, in Sleek Black, Stylish Marble and Cool Camo, to keep your interior décor on point.

  • Minimalist design

  • Choice of Black or White 

  • Can be mounted anywhere in the van

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Speed Maps

Knowing what to expect while on the road can be a life saver. You can now know the speeds you can expect while travelling across Australia with our unique speed maps. The Out There Tribe has been plotting their speeds and locations whilst on their journeys, so that the rest of the tribe knows what to expect when on the road.

  • Get access to internet speeds country-wide

  • Updated daily on our exclusive app

  • Be part of the tribe

Multi-carrier support

You don’t have to worry about limiting yourself to just one carrier. You have the choice of which mobile carrier to use as Out There Internet supports 4G communication across the Telstra, Optus and Vodafone networks.

  • National 4G coverage

  • Supports Telstra, Optus and Vodafone

  • Pre-paid or post paid SIM plans

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Digital Sim Swap

With Out There Internet, you’re always covered. The unique dual SIM capability allows you to switch from carrier one to another in a matter of seconds.

  • Change carrier SIMS in a few clicks

  • Keep your SIMS safe in the secure SIM housing

  • No need to handle your SIMS

30-day Money Back Guarantee. 2 Year Warranty.

What's In The Kit?

  1. Out There Internet Directional Antenna with fully integrated dual SIM 4G Router.

  2. Wi-Fi Access Point in Black or White.

  3. Custom external data cable outlet.

  4. Twin Power Injectors with custom mounting bracket.

  5. Custom fabricated Drawbar/Rearbar pole bracket.

  6. Custom fabricated 3.6m galvanised steel telescopic pole, with quick release sleeve 

Plus, all required cables.








Watch Joe give a complete rundown of The Out There Internet Caravan Kit.

Out There Internet

Out There Internet

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Country-wide delivery

You will love The Out There Internet Caravan Kit.

If you are not 100% satisfied with the product, feel free to return the kit for a

100% no questions asked 30-day money back guarantee.

Should you experience any technical issues, Out There Internet comes with a full 2 year warranty on all parts.

30-day no questions asked money-back guarantee

All hardware 2 year warranty

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"Everyone in the camp was wondering how on earth I was able to stream the football, while they were all struggling just to load a picture on Facebook"

Jamie B - VIC

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