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  • How does this compare to existing 4G caravan internet solutions?
    Unlike other 4G internet options for caravans, Out There Internet is a full solution that allows caravaners to not only receive faster internet than any other 4G product on the market, but also have the functionality of long range Wi-Fi, allowing users to enjoy connectivity up to 50 metres around their caravan, while other products my only provide a 10 metre range.
  • What speeds can I expect?
    It isn’t possible to estimate potential speed in general, but that’s why we road tested Out There Internet during a year long big lap, and recorded all the speeds it achieved. Our community also regularly gives us feedback on what speeds they have achieved, which we add to the speed map, for your benefit.
  • How close to a tower do I need to be to get a good signal?
    Depending on the general landscape of the region, Out There Internet can receive signals from towers up to 35km away. We have seen locations as far as 38km away, with clear line of sight getting great speeds, however, interference, such as mountains, will affect it's ability to connect and receive reliable speeds.
  • Does it work in every part of Australia?
    No method of communication is one size fits all. Some of the reasons you may not be able to get a reliable signal is if you are in a deep valley, are too remote and therefore too far from a 4G tower, have a significantly impeded line of sight, or there is a problem with the 4G tower you are trying to connect with. We road tested Out There Internet in many challenging locations and found that it was able to deliver 4G internet almost all the time in 3G only areas, and also in many SOS only areas where 4G communication is typically not possible. So when everyone else has to run up the hill behind the campground to send or receive a message, Out There Internet can allow you to do that from the comfort of your Caravan.
  • What SIM can I use?
    You'll need a Mobile Broadband SIM cards with Out There Internet. To maximise performance, we recommend carrying Telstra and Optus SIM cards.
  • How far away from my van can I stay connected to the internet?
    Out There Internet features a powerful Ubiquiti Wi-Fi Access Point which allows Wi-Fi connection up to 50 metres from your van and in areas free of congestion, we have seen up to 100 metres away from the Caravan.
  • How does it work?
    Out There Internet works by connecting your Caravan to 4G internet through a high-performance directional antenna which can receive 4G signals from 4G towers up to 35km away. The internet is then broadcast in your Caravan and around using state-of-the-art Wi-Fi hardware.
  • Can I stream movies on Netflix and video call on Zoom with Out There Internet?
    Out There Internet is perfectly suited for all your streaming, downloading and videocalling needs. Anything you want to do online can be handled by Out There Internet.
  • Will Out There Internet improve my phone’s 4G signal?
    Out There Internet is not a mobile booster, therefore it won't affect your phones native 4G signal. But by connecting your phone to the Wi-Fi you can rely on the internet speeds being sent through the antenna, so you can use the Wi-Fi calling setting on your phone to make and receive phone calls using Out There Internet.
  • What is the energy consumption?
    Out There Internet has been designed for being off-grid. We know all about how important it is to conserve energy. When connected to a good quality, efficient inverter Out There Internet consumes less than 1.8 amps per hour. It's about the same as charging a mobile phone. Check out this video of Out There Internet's power consumption when connected to a 300W inverter.
  • Does Out There Internet plug into 240V or 12V?
    Out There Internet plugs directly into your Caravan power points, or into the 240v socket of an inverter. Just like plugging in a kettle, a hairdryer or any other home appliance.
  • What size inverter should I get?
    For Out There Internet we recommend a minimum 200w inverter but if you already have a big one, feel free to use it.
  • Do I need an independent battery system to operate Out There Internet?
    No, Out There Internet can work with your existing battery system.
  • Do I need to run a solar system to operate Out There Internet?
    If you’re staying at a Caravan Park in a powered site, feel free to plug straight into mains power.
  • Will it drain my battery?
    You can control when it is working and when it isn’t simply by powering it down, so if you’re trying to conserve batteries, you have full control.
  • How much does delivery cost?
    Flat rate shipping, with delivery insurance, anywhere in Australia is $74.95
  • How long will it take to be delivered?
    Depending on your location, we use Couriers Please, Fastway or TNT to deliver your parcel. Generally. delivery takes 7-10 days.
  • How can I track the delivery?
    Once despatched, you'll receive a tracking number to track your parcel.
  • What if my parcel is lost?
    If your parcel hasn't arrived within the nominated time frame, simply contact us and we'll begin the process of tracking it down. If this process take more than a few days, we'll ship out a new kit to you so you're not kept waiting unnecessarily.
  • Can I set up the system myself?
    If you're the type of person who regularly fixes things on their caravan and is comfortable getting up close and personal with their van, then you'll find installing Out There Internet easy.
  • What tools do I need for installation?
    General handyman tools, like a screwdriver. You'll also need tools to cut a small hole in the side of your van, which is where the external data point is fitted.
  • How do I find someone to help me install it?
    We're curating a list of recommended installers Australia-wide. If we don't have someone in your area, simply let us know and we'll get to work finding someone for you.
  • How much do Installers charge?
    We leave price negotiations between yourself and the installer, but generally speaking, between $250-$450.
  • Can I install this in my vehicle instead of a caravan?
    Check back with us soon! We're working on a no-mount kit which will cater to everyone's needs.
  • Can I do a temporary installation?
    Our soon to be released no-mount kit is perfect for those wanting a temporary solution.
  • How do I pack it up?
    When leaving your campsite; - Power down your system by switching it off at the powerpoint - Disconnect the cable from the external data cable outlet - Lower the 3.6m pole - Disconnect the cable from the antenna - Remove the antenna and quick release sleeve and put it in a safe place - Store the pole with your other poles.
  • When I arrive at camp, how do I setup?"
    1. Power up the system by switching it on a the power source 2. Connect your phone to the Wi-Fi using the password provided 3. Insert your pole into the drawbar bracket 4. Slide the antenna onto the top of the pole 5. Raise the pole and secure it by tightening the screw. 6. Locate the right 4G tower by twisting the pole in 4 different directions. 7. Use the speedtest app to test the speeds in each direction. 8. Swap SIMS to test for best carrier signal 9. Once ideal speeds are achieved, tighten the drawbar screw to lock in the direction of the antenna. 10. Connect power cable from antenna into RJ45 outlet 11. Enjoy your internet.
  • How do I swap SIMS?
    SIM swapping allows you to use a specific carriers SIM to access their 4G towers. This gives you greater control of the speeds you can achieve through your antenna. If you have two SIMS inserted into the antenna, you can perform a digital SIM swap in a couple of clicks by accessing the router dashboard. Instructions on how to do this are provided with the kit.
  • What happens in bad weather?
    Out There Internet is built for all weather conditions so you don't have to worry about it blowing away or being damaged in any way. Like all responsible campers though, you should make sure you secure your valuables in severe weather conditions. This just means lowering the mast until the storm passes.
  • How do I connect my devices?
    Your phone or device will automatically see the Wi-Fi once the system is powered on. You then just need to enter your Wi-Fi password and you're connected.
  • How do I setup password protection?
    Password protection comes in-built already, so there is no need for you to do anything else.
  • What if I've forgotten my Wi-Fi password?
    Wi-Fi passwords are written on a card and supplied with the kit. If you've forgotten your Wi-Fi password, please contact us and we will help you.
  • How do I do a speedtest?
    Speedtesting is necessary when you're setting up at a campsite, so that you can identify what internet speeds your antenna is receiving. We recommend downloading the Ookla Speedtest App on your phone to do this. To run a speedtest, ensure you are connected to the Out There Internet Wi-Fi, then open the speedtest app and press 'Go".
  • Can I leave Out There Internet on my caravan while in transit?
    Out There Internet is designed to be used while stationery. You should lower the mast, unplug and pack away the antenna and mast before you drive off. Driving with the mast elevated could be dangerous.
  • Does the system need maintenance?
    Firmware updates may be required on the router and the Wi-Fi Access Point from time to time. If a firmware update is required, we will notify you through the Out There Internet App.
  • What if I’m offline? How do I get support to get connection?
    Most issues can be resolved with some simple troubleshooting. If you experience any issues with your connection, you can contact us through the Out There Internet App. We pride ourselves on our customer service and promptly respond to all queries.
  • Where do I get support?
    Live telephone support is available Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm by contacting 03 8790 6000. We are also available by email at other times.
  • Where can I download the app?
    The Out There Internet App can be downloaded from the App Store or the Play Store. Once you purchase the kit, you'll receive login instructions in an email.
  • Does the system come with a guarantee?
    We understand how important your Caravan purchases are to you, which is why we guarantee you'll love your OTICK. And if you don't, simply let us know within 30 days of your purchase and we'll offer you a refund.
  • What is the warranty?
    You're in safe hands, as your OTICK router, antenna and Ubiquiti Wi-Fi Access Point come with a two year warranty. If you have a warranty claim, please send an email to
  • What happens out of warranty, and I have a fault on the system and I need a repair?"
    We're always happy to help our customers with any issues they may have, even out of the two year warranty period. Get in touch with us for any questions or concerns you have, anytime.

Frequently asked questions about Out There Internet

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