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Meet The Out There Internet Tribe.

For millennia, the floating island continent drifting in the southern hemisphere has been home to some of the most unique people, creatures and landscapes known to mankind.


Outside of its bustling metropolis, 21st Century Australia is breeding a new species.

The can-doers, the thrill-seekers, and the pack it up and leave it all behinders.

Campers around a campfire
Remote camp setup

Our actions echo through time.

Every breath we exchange with the universe, every footstep we kiss mother earth with, every word we offer our neighbour, matters.


Being there for a friend at 2am when they need us. Picking up your brother from the bus stop on time, and telling your husband to change that Hawaiian shirt. This is what we mean when we say,

Chasing purple sunsets on long roads with two kids and a dog in the car, while listening to Crowded House on repeat.


For those with a thirst for adventure; a yearning for the unknown; wanting nothing more than to live a life untethered.

We are the free-spirited.

Camp cooking

"You can count on us."


Out There Internet is a family business...

And by family, we mean the founders Joe and Giada, as well as the technical, marketing and support teams (and our beloved rottweiler, Phoebe). We also mean the suppliers and manufacturers of the components that go into our state of the art technology.

Most importantly, it’s our customers.

Together, we are making the dream of unbounded connectivity, a living reality.

Happy Couple

It’s about looking out for one another. Letting each other know what lies ahead. It’s about coming together and standing up for what’s important.

Like we said, family.

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