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Australia’s first complete high-gain directional antenna, industrial grade router and world's best Wi-Fi solution to help you get the fastest possible internet speeds, in as many places as possible on the Australian 4G network!


You'll get:


  • The Outdoor Directional Antenna with the fully integrated industrial grade dual-SIM 4G Router
  • External Dual SIM slots to safely carry two SIM cards - allowing SIM swapping without actually touching the SIMS.
  • Ubiquiti Wi-Fi Access Point with your choice of designer cover (Black, White)
  • Custom made external data cable outlet
  • Dual Power Injectors with custom mounting bracket
  • 10 metres of outdoor cable to connect your antenna to the external data outlet with ease.
  • 5 metres, 1 metre and 2 metres of indoor cables for wiring up the Wi-Fi Access Point and the Power Injectors
  • Custom made 3.6m galvanised steel telescopic pole, with quick release sleeve for super quick and easy antenna mounting/dismounting
  • Custom made stainless steel, strong as an ox, bracket for mounting the pole to your rearbar or draw bar - fitting a 150mm, 100mm or 75mm chassis.
  • Access code for the Out There Internet App, so you can operate your system, plus share your speed tests with The Tribe.





  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • Two year warranty on all hardware
  • Free shipping anywhere in Australia

RV WIFI 4G Portable Caravan Internet - Australia’s Powerful Outdoor Internet Kit

Wi-Fi Access Point Designer Cover
External Data Outlet Colour (match van exterior)
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