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Out There Internet at Coffin Bay, South Australia

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

If you've never ventured to Coffin Bay before, you probably have never tried their oysters. Well, you should, because they're famous for them, that, and the beautiful landscapes.

We spent a few nights here, following the trail just out of town into the National Park which was a quiet and well laid out area. The only downside to this spot was being greeted by an ominous humming noise, which we abruptly discovered was coming from a swarm of very coordinated bees. They were not aggressive bees, but they certainly were thirsty, and they soon covered our taps and the washing I had hung out on the line, looking for bee sized droplets of water that they could drink. Being aware of how ecologically important bees are, we knew that harming them was not an option, so we tried to draw them away from our belongings by filling up a bucket of water and placing it away from our camper. They seemed to ignore the gesture.

I really had to make an effort to keep everything dry around the camper, to discourage the bees from getting so friendly, and once the bees realised there was no more water to access, they began to leave.

With the bees no longer a problem, I was happy to be able to sit outside again and began tackling the work I'd set for myself that afternoon. Having learnt the lessons of slow internet at previous camp sites, I knew not to waste my time trying to work from my hotspot, so I turned on the Out There Internet high-speed caravan internet system and effortlessly began my tasks. I know it shouldn't be a surprise anymore, but when I saw the results, I couldn't say anything else, but wow. This is the best wifi for caravans in Australia.

With my head down in my laptop, I barely noticed the quiet visitor curiously approaching. A young kangaroo, who I suspect had made human friends before, was inching his way closer with his head stretching towards me and his tail stretching the other way, seemingly ready to flee the scene at the slightest notion of trouble.

He stayed just long enough to provide novel entertainment for the girls, before bouncing back into his bush home.

South Australia has some of the most 4x4 accessible beaches in Australia, so taking a drive deeper into the National Park, we found a beach appropriately named Sensation Beach. Feeling the soft powdery sand between my toes, seeing the kaleidoscope of colours on the horizon and cartwheeling on the beach with our girls isn't something I'm going to easily forget.

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