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Etty Bay & The Wild Southern Cassowary's

Etty Bay Caravan Park is a beautiful and small park right on the beach.

While around this park of Queensland we hadn’t done much swimming in the beaches due to the risk of coming by a crocodile, but this location has a wonderful netted, swimming area which means everyone is able to enjoy a safe swim in the warm water.

While the beach and surroundings is spectacular, the highlight for many people is getting close to a Cassowary.

Etty Bay Caravan Park is frequented by a family of wild Southern Cassowary's that have lived at the caravan park for many years. While they are still very much a wild animal, they are very comfortable around people and often wander around the park among the caravaners.

The Cassowaries have also learned that human food is relatively easy to come by, so you need to be very careful with food, as they will spot you from across the park!

As soon as we arrived and had finished setting up, our daughter Holly was standing outside our van holding a cup of juice. Before we knew it a Cassowary was running across the park towards her, trying to get to her drink. It really took us all by surprise, and luckily the park manager happened to be nearby and quickly shoo'd the Cassowary away just before it got to Holly.

The park owner assured us that it wouldn’t have hurt her, but it would have certainly taken the drink.

From then on we decided we’d only be eating and drinking inside the caravan, or at the kiosk while we were at Etty Bay, and we’d enjoy watching the Cassowary from afar.

As far as caravan internet goes, there wasn’t any reception on our phones at Etty Bay, but with Out There Internet, we were able to pick up a great internet speed without an issue.

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