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Albany WA during Cyclone Seroja

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

With news of Severe Tropical Cyclone Seroja due to hit the mid WA cost in the coming days we really had to prepare for the weather like we hadn't before.

We knew we were far enough south that we were going to be safe, but we were warned that the far reaching effects of the cyclone would mean heavy rainfall for a few days, which isn't something we've had to deal with on this journey so far.

We found a caravan park that had an indoor kitchen and dining room as well as an indoor recreation room with billiard and table tennis tables AND an indoor movie room. We decided it was the perfect place to sit out the weather. We made sure to set up all of our awning walls so we had as much dry space as possible.

It seems a few of our other travelling friends thought the same thing and before we knew it there were 3 families with 7 kids spending time together waiting out the weather.

There were a few times when the wind picked up (check out our crazy hair photos below) but it was mostly just rain, rain and more rain.

Although we were housebound, or rather, vanbound, Albany offered some wonderful places to explore during some of the few dry moments. The Gap, Natural Bridge and the Blowhole were great to see and, just maybe because of the extreme weather they were at their finest?Of course we have nothing to compare it to, but the natural attractions definitely put on a show.

Optus was the best choice for work and with the Out There Internet system, it did not skip a beat even with the nearby cyclone making the conditions very windy and impossible to go outside.

I was a bit nervous during those random gusts of wind but my webinar just kept going with not a glitch or dropout in sight!

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