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Big Brook Arboretum WA

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

The Big Brook Arboretum campsite is in the National Park near Pemberton. It was a green, dense and beautiful setting and a nice change from the sand and beach.

The town of Pemberton was lovely with fantastic bike riding tracks to explore. Matt and the kids went on some great tracks and rides while I was sitting in the camper in town working.

The Out There Internet caravan wifi system got a good download speed at the campground compared to what was available on our phones. The upload wasn't quite enough for me to run a webinar, so I scheduled my work for the day that we were leaving, so we could park the camper closer to town and I could sit in the camper and get better 4G reception with the system and carry out my zoom conference from the comfort and privacy of the camper, while Matt and the kids had fun exploring the bike trails with the girls.

After I finished work, we decided to go and explore the local legends of Pemberton, The Gloucester Tree.

Gloucester Tree is an absolutely huge legend of a tree. It stands 53 meters tall and people can actually climb the tree by stepping on the steel pegs that have been embedded into the tree as rungs. Let me add here, there is absolutely no safety whatsoever so after climbing a small way up we decided that was enough for us!

After doing a few short walks in the area it was time to head off to our next destination….

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