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Condingup & Wharton Beach WA (Part 2)

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

Condingup is a little place place about 25 minutes from Membinup Beach where 4G reception was pretty good. I knew this because, I had travelled here to work once while we stayed at Membinup, but when we left Membinup we decided to spend a night here and check out Wharton Beach, which has a reputation for being one of WA’s best beaches.

Other than being close to Wharton Beach the only things Condingup had was a sports oval which doubled as the local free camp, and a pub. With not much to do in town we decided to have our first pub meal since leaving home. It was so nice to have a night off from cooking and to enjoy the pub's air conditioning and the fly free zone! I must admit the flies at Condingup were pretty intense. It was also nice to spend more time with the friends we had made too.

By setting up the Out There Internet system we found that there was no Optus available but Telstra went from a great speed to a greater speed, which was such a surprise for a small town that felt like it was in the middle of nowhere!

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