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Coolgardie, WA

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

Coolgardie is a small outback town rich with gold-mining history, some 568 kilometres from Perth in WA. Although it's no longer an active gold-mine, it's rich history has been well-preserved and it has a lot to offer travellers like us, beginning with open warmth and hospitality as evidenced by the free camp available just behind the Main street of town.

It was forecast to be a blistering 38 degrees when we arrived there, so we were also pleasantly surprised to find out that they generously open their public swimming pool free of charge, so we were very happy to set up camp in Coolgardie for a couple of nights, cool down in the pool and enjoy the towns hospitality and history.

Whilst it was a bit hot to walk around the outdoor museum, we discovered an interesting indoor air-conditioned museum that kept the kids entertained with a treasure hunt organised by the super friendly and helpful staff members.

Being an experienced four wheel driver, Matt listened keenly as they talked about a must-do track, which we decided was interesting enough to add to our list of locations to visit.

As we stayed in the heart of the town, we found that 4G reception was quite good, but it was interesting to see just how far the Out There Internet wifi for caravans system could boost it.

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