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Cosy Corner WA

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

Not far out of Albany is a lovely freecamp called Cosy Corner. It was just a short drive to get there, but it took us through beautiful landscapes with lush green grass and beautiful trees.

We had been told that because of its popularity, it could be hard to get into Cosy Corner, so we weren't sure whether we'd get there and have to leave to find another place to stay, or whether we'd get lucky. Luckily for us, we got lucky! The camp host showed us straight to a perfectly positioned site as soon as we got there.

The plan for the stay at Cosy Corner was to catch some fish! Not far from the campsite is a beach called Shelley Beach which is famous for its fishing. We were told “if you can’t catch anything here then there’s something wrong with you”. Admittedly, we were a little nervous as we had not been successful at fishing so far. And, true to form by day 3 we still hadn’t caught anything, we were getting a little desperate and Matt had decided we weren’t leaving until he caught something.

It was super frustrating that people to both the left and right of us catching huge Australian Salmon one after the other and us still nothing! But then….. we did it! Matt caught three HUGE Australian Salmon - happy days indeed!

We had enough fish for several dinners of fish and chips, fish curry, fish cakes and a fish hot pot.

Although we had reasonably good speeds on our regular 4G, we discovered that there was no Optus signal available here, so we hooked the Out There Internet caravan wifi antenna up to the Telstra SIM and watched as the speeds jumped from great to greater.

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