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Denmark W.A

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

We were welcomed to Denmark by the same old world charm and hospitality that we've seen in pretty much all the towns we've stayed in on our journey. Every town we stop at has a little something different to offer and in Denmark, the standout feature was definitely the stunning town centre and shopping district, that the locals clearly take a lot of pride in presenting to travellers and tourists.

We had a wonderful time checking out the local beaches Elephant Rocks, Greens Pool and Waterfall Beach. They were all great swimming spots, as they are protected by a rock reef, which makes them. great place to spend time with the family.

Waterfall Beach, as the name suggests actually has a waterfall that runs runs down the rocks and pours onto the beach below. The kids thought it was such a special place to visit that Tiana shocked us all by jumping into the freezing cold fresh water waterfall on the beach not once but twice!!

"That certainly was refreshing" she said, as she ran around trying to warm up afterwards. Not to be outdone by her sister, Holly jumped in too! Matt and I thought better of it, but we were pretty proud and impressed by their courage and sense of adventure. It's certainly not an experience they’ll be forgetting anytime soon.

With the caravan internet reception fairly terrible where we were staying, using the Out There Internet system made working a breeze.

I've really started to notice how I’m not fussed at all anymore when the internet isn’t great. I have so much confidence it will come to the rescue.

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