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Esperance WA - Not to be missed!

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

One piece of advice. Don't miss Esperance.

Seriously. If you're heading in this direction, setting aside a few days in Esperance will do you a world of good. Especially, after the long journey across the Nullarbor.

Esperance is a beautiful coastal town with an inviting village vibe. There are plenty of adorable shops to check out and some awesome places just waiting to be explored. We stayed a whole week there, joined by the friends we'd made all those weeks ago at Perlubie Beach, both kids and adults now really enjoying each others company.

We took a day trip out to Cape Le Grande National Park and checked out a few of its main attractions, Lucky bay, Thistle Cove, Whistling Rock, and Hellfire Bay. All beautiful spots to camp, explore or swim.

Lucky Bay truly is a unique place. Not only does it hold the title for the whitest beach in Australia, but it is also home to a mob of Kangaroos, who are seemingly happy to share their sand pit with human visitors.

This is just about one of the only places where we found 4 bars of 4G reception on our phones, which was rather surprising, considering every where we've been, we've found some kind of caravan internet challenge!

Even so, we're so used to switching on the Our There Internet system that it's just become a part of our setup routine.

It turned out to be a good call though, as we got far more speed consistency through the Out There Internet system, which makes it so much easier to work.

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