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Eucla, Western Australia - The first part of our Nullarbor journey

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

We did it!!

We crossed over into Western Australia. After the year we’ve all been through with COVID, I’ll admit I was a little nervous. I had hoped we had filled out the border crossing declaration and application correctly AND I had hoped we had remembered to eat all our fresh food, because I really didn't want to get in trouble or have to throw anything out.

All was well, we had done everything correctly and the police and quarantine officers at the border were lovely. They even offered to take our family photo at the photo point just opposite their work area, it certainly was the positive greeting I was hoping for.

I had never travelled the Nullabor before and didn’t know quite what to expect. My research taught me the unofficial start was at Ceduna (150km past Fowlers Bay) and the unofficial end was at Norseman in WA making it 1200km long.

I knew I couldn’t take any fresh food into WA at Eucla but I just assumed there’d be fresh food for purchase as soon as we crossed over. I was wrong. Eucla consists of the border crossing and a roadhouse and that’s about it.

The roadhouse had plenty of food, just not fresh fruit and vegetables. It wasn’t a big deal, as we had plenty of food to keep us going, but being a Naturopath, I did cringe at the thought of not having fresh fruit and veggies to eat.

We chose a camp spot along the beach, not far from the border. It was another nice secluded spot without another person in sight, we tried our hand at fishing again and like usual, came up with nothing!

Speaking of nothing, there was no Optus reception at Eucla, we had minimal Telstra 4G on our phones, but once we turned on the Out There Internet caravan internet system, Telstra worked really well.

We were all pretty tired, so it was a great opportunity to use our caravan wifi, relax in the camper away from the flies and watch a family movie together.

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