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Unbelievable caravan internet at Galena Bridge, Kalbarri WA

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

Kalbarri was the worst hit town from the recent Cyclone Seroja, so we were grateful to be able to spend some time there. We arrive after the town had just reopened and they had done a great job at getting the town clean, tidy and safe but we saw first hand the impact on peoples homes and businesses. Many were so structurally damaged that there were barricades all around them. Many had lost their roof or walls completely. It was devastating to see.

The internet in the town of Kalbarri was fantastic but when we stayed at Galena Bridge on our way further north for a quick overnight stop the internet was so terrible, we couldn’t even run a speed test. Luckily once we turned on our Out There Internet system the speeds increased dramatically. Having a great caravan internet system meant that I could log on for an early morning webinar before packing up and continuing our journey north. While I was busy working, the kids had their own down time on their devices and because we had such great speeds, we had not trouble sharing the bandwidth.

If you're a fan of snorkelling, as our Holly now is, there is a spot in Kalbarri that is called The Aquarium. It is a beautiful snorkelling spot which is close to shore, relatively protected and full of amazing fish.

We were happy we could do our food and fuel shopping in the town and spend some money in the local trade. We were also surprised to see that they had a local dive shop where we could purchase flippers and other snorkelling gear. The owners were so helpful and generous despite the trauma they had just been through. We listened to their stories from the cyclone and were amazed with their resilience.

As well as visiting the town we ventured out into their national park and WOW!, a special place indeed. There is an amazing site called Natures Window where the rock formation creates a “window” to look through onto the river below.

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