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Halls Gap VIC, The Gateway To The Grampians

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

Hello! Jill here! We arrived at Halls Gap today, aka the Gateway to the Grampians.

Ahh, straight for the mountain medicine! Fresh air, beautiful surroundings and an abundance of walks to choose from. What a location for our first week. The only downside was the fact that I had booked myself a little too much work and had to knuckle down. This meant that Matt and the kids spent much of their days out and about exploring while I stayed in the camper getting work done 👎

But, thank goodness for Out There Internet this week! Without it my work would have been impossible. I had a significant amount of research to be done, several webinars and a few meetings using Microsoft teams, so I was going to have to rely on my caravan wifi.

I was really excited (it’s the simple things) when one of my long term colleagues mentioned in a teams meeting “gee your internet looks good now you’re travelling, it’s even better than when you’re at home” I had a sigh of relief because not only did my Out There Internet caravan internet work for my first meeting but, it worked better than expected. Phew!

Have a look at these speeds:

The number on top is before the Out There Internet system... not much work being done if this is all I had to work with!

These ones are the after tests, when we set up the Out There Internet system. Telstra 4G was the clear winner!

The recommendation by Out There Internet was to have both sims with us, so we can easily choose which one is the best and pop that sim in. They've made it so easy for us.

Luckily, I did manage to get out and about with the family a few times! I even have proof! Haha!

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