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Road schooling at Lucky Bay Campground, near Kalbarri WA with Out There Internet

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

Hate to sound corny, but we were really lucky to find this spot!

It was a huge area with lots of space for campers and one of the best snorkelling beaches we've been to was only a short drive away. Sunrises and sunsets were absolutely beautiful too.

This was another one of those places where relying on our phone signal alone would have been a mistake, but considering we were travelling with our awesome caravan wifi system Out There Internet, we had no issues at all getting high-speed internet to take care of all my work needs and of course the kids schooling.

Friends of ours who we’ve been travelling with for a while now were grateful to be able to connect to our caravan Wi-Fi when their child needed to attend a class with their Distance Ed teacher too. I was surprised it worked as well as it did, considering they were camped about 100m away. We just gave them our Wi-Fi password and they were off and running. Everyone’s winning!

It was a relatively calm location due to a wall of rock that was not far from the waters edge, a great place for Tiana to develop a love for snorkelling. If the brightly coloured fish, coral and plant life weren’t enough there were also octopus, seals and shells that were quite spectacular to observe.

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