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The Beautiful Margaret River WA

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

What an amazing place with so much to see and do!

We were lucky enough to stay just out of town at the Olive Hill Farm Stay. It was a lovely location at very reasonable prices. It was a great base from which to explore the whole region.

Our first stop was to see the Sting Rays at Hamlin Bay. These beautiful, majestic creatures swim up and down the coast line foraging for food. They are protected so you’re not allowed to touch them but they swim right up against you and I was really surprised to realise they feel quite jelly like.

We were also able to explore Jewel Caves and were surprised at just how huge and beautiful they were, we weren’t expecting them to be so good but we were absolutely blown away!

There was also an old water wheel we checked out at Cape Leeuwin, this historic structure was used to pump water to the lighthouse back in the 1890’s.

Saturday mornings at Margaret River had me feeling like I was back at home and right back into my old routine. I spent a lovely morning at the local farmers market stocking up on fresh produce. It certainly felt like home and the nutritionist in me was super excited for the fresh, organic and local produce. I went overboard on fresh fruit and the kids and I were super excited to try a new fruit we'd never had before, called a Cherry Guava. It was the perfect bite size blend of crisp, soft, sweet and tart all at the same time. We are all hoping we can find them again.

Last but by no means least is all the wineries and breweries in the region. There were so many fantastic ones with great food, live music, stunning architecture and gardens not to mention awesome children’s playgrounds where the kids had an absolute ball. One even had a huge slip and slide down a hill, this was certainly a highlight for the kids.

I couldn't have gotten my work done in between all of these adventures if I didn't have great caravan wifi with the Out There Internet system. The owner of the Olive Hill Farm Stay was astounded at the speeds we got. He was very impressed indeed!

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