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Newman Rock WA - Half way across the Nullarbor

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

Our last overnight stop before the end of the Nullarbor was a hot and dusty place called Newman Rock. After an all day car ride and being met with such hot weather, we were really grateful for our little 12 volt air conditioner.

The campground was full of people on a similar journey, and even though we kept to ourselves, it was nice to see so many people all in the one place.

Still with no fresh food on board, let’s just say I was really stretching the dinner options by now. We made do with frozen corn, sweet potato and my saving grace - the greens powder I'd been carrying around. I knew it wouldn't be too long before we could restock the fridge with our fresh staples, so I was happy to see the lighter side and have a laugh about it. I recall even telling the kids to “eat their gruel” as I served up dinner that night!

If I learned anything from that experience, it is certainly that when crossing the Nullarbor, you should have had some pre-cooked meals onboard, or some frozen fruit and veggies to get you by.

Like many other spots on the Nullarbor there wasn't any internet for caravans with Optus reception, but Telstra was okay. Once we turned on the Out There Internet system, the upload jumped from 5.85mbps, up to 36.9mbps, which was just as good as the download.

By now, I've gained a lot more confidence in how well the system works and how much I can trust it, and even though this was just an overnight stopover, having the fast speeds meant we could enjoy a relaxed video call with family and friends.

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