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Norseman Free Camp WA, hooray for the end of the Nullarbor!

Updated: Sep 7, 2022

We made it to the end of the Nullarbor!

It was really exciting to see civilisation again. It was even more exciting to find fresh fruit and vegetables at the local IGA many of which were at very reasonable prices. I had heard stories of people arriving at Norseman after completing the Nullarbor on a Sunday when the shops were closed, extra grateful that wasn’t us!

At Norseman, we found a lovely new information centre where we were able to collect some brochures and other information. Matt was excited to have the opportunity to look for gold in the local gold and gem fields so after making sure he had the appropriate approval and licenses we headed out to the local free camp.

While Matt was happy fossicking around with his metal detector, the girls and I spent some time inside our camper with our air conditioning and our caravan wifi on, doing some school work. Have I mentioned how lucky we are to be the first to use the Out There Internet system? The caravan internet didn’t skip a beat and we were able to upload and download quickly and easily, using Telstra 4G as Optus wasn’t available here.

Tiana went out for a bit of a fossick with Matt and found herself some beautiful gemstones. After a bit of further research, she decided it was most likely a type of Agate. Whatever it was, it was very pretty indeed.

The rest of the landscape was all burned out due to the fires that swept through the area last year. There was quite a contrast between the burnt out trees and shrubs, the red dirt, the new green growth and all of the gemstones everywhere. It had its own unique beauty.

With no luck on the gold fossicking front, evening arrived and the weather got cooler, so Matt decided to take advantage of how remote we were and cranked up the music to create a camper-side dance party

Fun times all round even if I did think the music was too loud!

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