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Wifi for caravans at the amazing Perlubie Beach, South Australia.

Updated: Aug 19, 2022

This weeks post needs to start with a big fat Oh My God.

Complete with island style huts and hammocks, staying on Perlubie Beach (and I mean ON Perlubie Beach) was like being transported to an Island in the South Pacific 🏝.

A popular campsite just out of Streaky Bay in South Australia, Perlubie Beach is a well-known spot for travellers who want to venture off the bitumen and onto the dunes.

There's an ocean view for every camper, with plenty of space along the beach for campers to set up just above the high-tide line.

We arrived at the perfect time to score prime real-estate, right next to a rustic beach hut hand-crafted with logs and other natural materials, mostly from the vegetation behind the dunes.

The iconic beach hut, aside from offering a beautiful island-like experience, also offers a unique meeting spot for many campers and we found that being so close to the action, we had no shortage of campsite guests, which was great because we made friends with several other travelling families.

While we originally planned a two night stay, we didn't want to leave our new-found friendships prematurely, so we decided to hang around for a third night and enjoy another night of socialising by the hut.

Perlubie Beach is definitely our favourite spot by far, and although the 4G reception wasn't bad, the upload speeds weren't good enough for me to be able to make my work-related video calls.

Naturally, I just flicked on the Out There Internet system and watched the upload speeds jump from 0.56mbps to 36.2 mbps, giving me all the upload speed I need to work efficiently.

We found the 4G caravan internet speeds to be fairly equal between Telstra 4G and Optus 4G, so I decided to switch to Optus as I had plenty of Optus data left on my 4G Sim.

In such a breathtaking environment, I found a lovely balance of doing my video calls from the privacy and quiet of my camper and doing my research from the hammock in the hut.

Awesome indeed!

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