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The Best Caravan Internet for visiting Port Neill, South Australia

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

G'day from Port Neill!

Jill and Matt here, road-testing the Out There Internet caravan internet system in another beautiful, remote part of Australia.

The free camps along the South Australian coast are truly spectacular. It’s been easy to slowly meander up the coast, stopping regularly and taking in all the small towns, sites of interest and amazing views. Port Neill was our choice for a quick overnight stopover. It's on the Eyre Peninsula, around 580km from Adelaide. We chose it because it's pretty much as remote as we could get.

Part of the beauty of having a full off-road setup with great caravan wifi is that we get to venture pretty far from the beaten track, and this week, we were lucky enough to find a great spot to camp amongst the dunes (but unlucky enough to get stuck in the sand as we drove around trying to find the best campsite!). We're pretty experienced, so it wasn’t too dramatic and nothing a quick let down of the tyres didn’t fix.

Port Neill, SA
The view from our campsite - Port Neill, SA

It was just the spot for a swim at the beach and explore in the rocks during the late afternoon and early morning of our quick overnight stop.

We began our usual routine of testing out the caravan internet reception we could get on our phones (think standing on a rock with one arm and one leg in the air), but at this site the reception was pretty sketchy and even if we managed to get one bar of 4G, it would disappear as soon as we moved or walked around.

I was really looking forward to calling some friends after dinner and catching up with everything happening back home, so I didn't even hesitate to turn on the Out There Internet system - and I'm glad I did, because it worked perfectly!

Out There Internet high speed caravan internet system mounted on camper

Out There Internet on our off-road camper setup

We had such a lovely spot on the beach, so I thought I‘d test just how far I could get good the Out There Internet caravan wifi. I wanted to see if I could be at the waters edge and still watch the kids. It worked so well even at quite a distance - absolutely perfect!

Me testing how far I could push the Out There Internet! Made it all the way to the water line!

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