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Best Caravan Internet at Sheringa Beach, SA - We went from 1.85mbps download to 32.3mbps download!

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

In case you haven't noticed, there's a theme to our travelling blog - it's beaches. We love beaches. The more remote the beach, the more we like it. There's something about the untouched beauty of the scattered dunes, that makes it feel like a privilege to be there.

Sheringa Beach is almost 50km south of Elliston, a small town that sits along the Flinders Highway. Camping is $10 per night and you just need to pop your cash into an honesty box.

The advice we got from consulting our WikiCamps App was not to travel there if you were in need of good caravan internet and 4G phone coverage, as it was known to be really unreliable. Had we have travelled there before we had the Out There Internet system on board, honestly, we probably would have skipped it, or at the very least, gone with out any expectations.

But we weren't worried! We've had enough experience now to know that those rules don't apply to us.

So, we concentrated on finding a spot that had the right balance of privacy, wind protection, level ground, at least half a meg of caravan internet speed, and of course, we have to be able to hear the waves crashing on the shore. Not asking much are we!

We finally found the perfect spot, with 1 bar of 3G reception as opposed to no service at all, and all other boxes ticked.

Just as we'd setup camp, I started getting worried about what would happen with the tides, considering we were so close to the shore. I needed to be sure the tide wouldn’t come up too high and engulf our camper while we slept.

In a hurry, I Googled 'tides at Sheringa Beach' on my phone, but with only 1 intermittent bar of 3G reception, I didn't get very far.

I probably wouldn't have slept very well had I not have been able to find out about those tides, and it's likely that the very sound of the crashing waves we love so much, would have probably filled me with dread at three o'clock in the morning.

Matt calmly turned on the Out There Internet caravan internet system and adjusted it's direction, while I hooked my phone up to the caravan wifi and ran a speed test. Matt's gotten pretty good at figuring out which direction to point the caravan internet system, so it doesn't take long before the speed test reveals a whopping 32MB download.

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