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Twilight Cove, WA

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

Twilight Cove is a beautiful beach just out of Esperance.

We came here several times while we were staying at Esperance and absolutely loved it.

So on our last day, before we hit the road, I had some work to do, so we decided to come here one last time so I could do a webinar from the privacy and comfort of our air-conditioned camper parked in the carpark, while Matt and the girls played at the beach.

Yet again, I was so grateful for the Out There Internet system. As I need caravan wifi to do my webinars, I really need the upload to be decent. As you can see from these speed tests without it, I would not have been able to work at all.

And my webinar got super high speeds when I switched over to our Optus Sim!

Twilight Cove ticked all the boxes, beautiful beach, rocks to explore, easy access and not too rough but just enough waves to have fun.

One time, Matt and Tiana decided to swim out to the rocks. After they were safely back at the shore, we found out that the beach had been closed the day before due to the presence of a shark and less than a year ago someone was killed by a shark at that very spot!

As far as I was concerned that was the end of them swimming out past their knees!

Western Australia's beaches certainly have a beautiful appeal but the sharks seem to always be not too far away, so you can never be too careful.

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