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Valley of The Giants WA

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

On route to our next destination, we decided to stop at Tingledale and visit the Valley of the Giants Tree Top Walk. This walk has been constructed 40 meters above the ground, high up in the treetops, along a massive suspension bridge.

As much as I was excited to check out this famous location for tourists I was also a bit nervous as it was located in a National Park and I had a webinar to deliver at lunchtime. If I didn’t get good reception there, I was going to be in trouble.

When we arrived at the carpark my nerves increased as my phone had no reception at all and the carpark was full, so we couldn’t drive around looking for the best spot. I restarted my phone it found the faintest bar of 3G reception, giving me a glimmer of hope.

We nervously plugged in the Out There Internet system and waited an anxious minute for it to load, finally breathing a big sigh of relief when I saw I had enough caravan wifi upload speed for me to run my webinar.

That meant I could go ahead and enjoy the tree top walk with my family and then head out to the camper in the carpark at lunchtime to do the 1 hour webinar.

I think Matt must have been a little nervous for me and my caravan internet reception during that session as he said he came out while I was halfway through to do another speed test. He was concerned that it wasn't going well as the speeds had dropped a little, but I didn’t notice a thing!.

The webinar didn’t skip a beat and everyone was happy, especially me!

It certainly is the feeling of freedom to be able to travel the country, do amazing things with your family even in remote locations and still be able to work. Talk about having my cake and eating it too!

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