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Victoria Rock - Holland Track WA

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

After being introduced to this 4 wheel drive track while in Coolgardie, Matt knew it had to be on our list, so off we went from Kalgoorlie to this remote outback location.

Getting there, we had to travel along Holland Track, which was really easy and smooth and which led us to a beautiful and relaxed free camp at a place called Victoria Rock.

It was a great exploring the huge rock formations. There were plants seemingly growing out of the rock, in a completely arid environment as well as a few interesting plants we had never seen before.

The views were amazing in all directions but nothing could have prepared us for the most brilliant sunset on the rock. It was absolutely spectacular!

We had the perfect campsite just at the base of Victoria Rock and luckily the weather had cooled off so we could have a fire in the firepit right beside our camper. We cooked a relaxed dinner on the outdoor kitchen and ate around the campfire.

Being more than 50km away from the nearest 3G/4G tower, we were sure there wasn't going to be any phone reception here, and we were expecting it to be challenging even for the Out There Internet system which as been a blessing in every location so far. So, we ran up to the top of the hill and held our phones up in the air (as you do). We found there was a tiny bit of reception at the very top of the rock, but as soon as we started making our way back to the campsite, which was much lower down, we got absolutely nothing. Back at camp, we turned the caravan wifi system on and found that we were able to get a very small amount of download, which was just enough to send and receive messages through WhatsApp.

Although it wasn't the wifi for caravans connection we had experienced everywhere else we'd been, we were comforted to know that in case of an emergency, we would be able to send for help and communicate with someone without having to run to the top of the hill!

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