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Wave Rock WA

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

How strange that one of the biggest waves in Australia isn't anywhere near an ocean? Wave Rock is a popular inland stop for many 'big-lappers'. The drawcard here is the striking sight of a 15 metre high, 100 metre long rock wall in the shape of a wave.

The range of colours in the rock is spectacular. The red, ochre, yellow, brown and grey stripes are a result of a chemical reaction occurring with each rainfall. It was a stunning sight.

It’s also a great spot for walks! Some walks are a little tougher than others, but we found that there were a good range of walking tracks for most people's interests and abilities.

We took one of the walks that offered a little comedy for the kids, called Hippo’s Yawn. As the name suggest, it’s a rock formation that looks like a giant hippo yawning! We all loved this walk.

We didn't find any Optus reception at this location, and Telstra was pretty sketchy too. This left plenty of room for improvement for our caravan wifi system and can I say, Out There Internet to the rescue!

The speeds we got when we turned on the Out There Internet caravan internet system made it possible for the kids to stream their movies at night which was great, because they were pretty tired after such an active day surfing the giant wave.

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