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Membinup Beach, WA

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

Throughout our time at Esperance we had heard many people speak about Membinup Beach. People were saying it’s a lovely beach to free camp on that’s not too far away and has easy access.

So, we decided to head there after finishing a webinar using my caravan wifi at Twilight Cove, and we were very, very impressed. Membinup Beach was such a beautiful pristine beach and because it was Easter there were some local families and others who had travelled to Membinup to spend their Easter break at this beautiful spot.

It wasn’t too busy, which was great, and it turned into a Perlubie Beach reunion with several of the families we met there, all here at the same time.

It was great getting to know some local Western Australians too, we went 4 wheel driving one day in convoy and they showed us lots of great local beaches, they were all so perfect with a few distinguishing features such as rocks, coves or just the vast expanse of the beach.

On this trip we turned one corner and there was a huge group of Emus on the beach - just awesome to see.

As reported on WikiCamps there was no phone reception at this site at all, so I had to drive to the next town to do another webinar (luckily it was only once because it was Easter) but in saying that once we turned on the Out There Internet caravan internet system, we managed to get a great download speed. We were the only people there who were able to make calls through Wi-Fi calling and everyone was asking how we were doing it.

There were two highlights at this spot, firstly Matt and his assistants (at least 10 kids) built an awesome fire pit in the sand that of course brought people together in the evenings and the second was a magical encounter with a seal.

One morning, a seal popped its head up in the beach looking at what we were all doing there. It didn’t take long for people to grab their snorkels, go pros, kayaks, and boogie boards to head out and see if they could get a closer look. This seal was so fascinated by us, it stayed for over an hour swimming with everyone, mimicking our movements, catching fish and just generally clowning around.

It was a special moment indeed!

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