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Why should you choose a 4G caravan internet system for your Aussie caravan adventure?

For thousands of people who travel throughout Australia in a caravan, one of the biggest considerations is getting the right communication and connectivity solution, and this often means investing in a caravan internet solution, like Out There Internet.

While some satellite communication systems can be helpful in very remote areas, utilising the 4G network remains the most reliable, affordable and flexible method of communication for the vast majority of caravaners in Australia.

Facts about the Australian 4G network

  • There are three major 4G network operators in Australia. They are Optus, Telstra and Vodafone.

  • Each network operator has a sub-network of wholesale partners, otherwise known as MVNO's that utilise their network, reselling plans and pre-paid SIMS through their own brand. Examples of these, are Aldi, Belong, Circles.Life, Boost, TPG.

  • Using only a typical mobile phone, you can expect to have 4G network coverage throughout approximately 27% of Australia's landmass.

  • Telstra is the only network operator that does not offer 100% network coverage to its wholesale network (MVNO's).

The interactive map below shows the difference between Telstra's own coverage and that of its reseller network, excluding Boost, as Boost is the only Telstra reseller that has 100% Telstra network coverage.

Swipe the middle line left to right to compare coverage.

To view Optus's mobile network coverage, click here.

What are the benefits of using the 4G network for your caravan internet?

The Freedom To Choose Your Plan Size

One of the best things about a 4G caravan internet system like Out There Internet is that you can use any SIM you like with it, provided that the SIM isn't locked to another device. This means that you are free to choose a plan or pre-paid SIM that is right for you. So you won't need to spending hundreds of dollars per month on a plan, if you don't want or need to.

Many Out There Internet customers also choose to use an existing SIM they already have, in a tablet or modem, for instance. So, you may not have any additional monthly costs for your data at all!

Sharing Your Data

Unless you live on a deserted island, you have a mobile phone, which means you already have a SIM card, which will either be on a post-paid SIM plan, or it will be a pre-paid SIM.

Many pre-paid and post-paid 4G SIM providers will offer options for data sharing. This may also be known as family sharing, data bundling, data pooling, or multi-SIM.

Sharing your data across any other plans you have with the same provider or other devices allows you to take advantage of any unused data you may have on your other plans, so it does not go to waste!

A great example of how this can work very well for a 4G caravan internet system is if you are a business owner and you have employees/partners who's mobile phones are on a business account which you pay for. You may be able to add an additional SIM to that data pool for just a few extra dollars a month.

Increase or decrease your plan month-to-month

To accomodate your changing budget and usage requirements, you may want to increase or decrease your 4G caravan internet plan size from time to time.

As most 4G SIMS can be purchased without being locked into a plan, you'll have the flexibility to make changes to your spending and data allowance as needed. This can be a great feature, especially if your circumstances change and you need to make a quick change.

It is a good idea to monitor your usage and your spending for the first couple of months of use, and then adjust the data plan if needed.

One system can do it all

Unlike most satellite systems that only allow you to watch free-to-air TV, a good 4G caravan internet system like Out There Internet can allow you to do it all.

By connecting all your devices through the caravan wifi, including smart TV's, you can stream and download all your favourite free to air shows, as well as paid streaming services like Netflix and Disney, plus manage your emails, pay your bills via net banking and even conduct zoom calls. With Out There Internet, you can even get a huge wifi range, so you could be relaxing by the beach and be connected to your caravan wifi.

In summary, when you are considering what internet connectivity option you'll invest in for your caravan, 4G caravan internet is the only all-round option, and a great system like Out There Internet offers many benefits that other 4G caravan wifi systems don't.

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