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How to Set Up an Office in A Travelling Caravan

Updated: Aug 5, 2022

After years of pandemic living, more people are taking up the opportunity to travel across Australia and enjoy ‘working from home’ – wherever home may be that day.

This idyllic life doesn’t come without its challenges. One is setting up an efficient home office space in your caravan or RV. So, how can you do this?

Well, at Out There Internet, we have put together a few crucial points to get you one step closer to making your dream travels a reality.

Working from Home Ideas when Travelling Australia in a Caravan or RV

Working from home, ideas come in various forms depending on your occupation or business model. From securing the best caravan Wi-Fi to furnishing your space for remote work, there are a few universal points that every prospective traveller should consider.

A Laptop for Working from Home in Australia

Like most people working from home nowadays, a reliable laptop is a vital piece of equipment. Before you invest in a model to take on your caravan travels, be sure to review these points:

  • Battery: You will need long battery life to compensate for being on the road and potentially away from a wall plug for extended periods.

  • Functionality: Choosing a high-capability laptop will help to guarantee you achieve all your working from home goals on the road. For example, a device replete with various features like modern webcams and audio microphones will provide more opportunities to work collaboratively with clients & colleagues.

  • Weight: It goes without saying that if your device takes up too much space or is too heavy for you to move, it will not work well within your caravan space.

  • Durability & Ease of Repair: A laptop that will last for years is your best investment when working from home in your travelling caravan. But remember – accidents happen. Choose a brand that has easily accessible repair locations or remote technical support.

  • Price: Like any other purchase, stay within your budget. Outlay what you are comfortable with to invest in a model meeting all your requirements.

Best Caravan Wi-Fi & Internet Connection in Australia

You will need a strong internet connection if you plan to work remotely, and if you want the flexibility to work around your caravan, not just in it, then you’ll also need good Wi-Fi.

At Out There Internet, our Caravan Kit provides the nation’s best caravan internet and Wi-Fi solution so that you can get the fastest internet speeds across the Australian 4G network, and the longest range Wi-Fi connectivity.

Lighting to Support Working from Home

Natural light is always best. When mapping out working from home ideas and your caravan’s layout, position your office space somewhere with a natural light source. Doing so provides many benefits, including increased productivity and positivity.

Ergonomics for Working from Home in a Caravan

To have a successful workday, you need to invest in proper ergonomics. Without it, you are left in an uncomfortable position that could negatively influence your posture, cause injuries, and even impact your mental health. Aides such as mouse pads, back supports and comfortable chair pads can transform your caravan dining area into an ergonomically friendly working space.

Quiet Environment

The beauty of working from home in a travelling caravan is that you can set up shop in a peaceful, remote location, undisturbed by noisy neighbours, distracting traffic, or loud music. However, should you ever find yourself surrounded by chatty tourists or on a noisy motorway, a good pair of noise-cancelling headphones can always provide the perfect solution and maintain your quiet space.

Work Remotely Today with Out There Internet

At Out There Internet, we know travellers can struggle to stay connected to the internet while out on the wide-open road. Enter our internet caravan kit.

With our high-speed internet solutions, this problem instantly becomes a thing of the past. Now confident in your internet connection, explore your working from home ideas and focus on the things you love most.

To get fast, reliable and stable caravan internet and Wi-Fi connections on the Australian 4G network, send our team a message or order your kit online today.

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